Basic Diving Courses

Education from beginner to Divemaster (dive Supervisor) with international diving license.
Learn to dive with joy and excitement, safety and quality is our priority.
You work together with professional Instructors who teach you not only all
important practical skills, but also the theoretical
Basics with modern teaching methods. Have fun diving with professional educators.


EN ISO 24801-2:2014-04

This diving course leads to a worldwide recognized certification.
Theory lessons await you, followed by exercises at shallow depths that
give you the necessary familiarity with the equipment and environment.
This is followed by at least four open water dives (at least 80 minutes
Underwater diving), these could be increased to six open water dives.
You will be trained to a maximum depth of 20 meters. After completing
the open water dives and a theoretical exam you earn the “Open Water Diver” certification. This certification qualifies you to dive anywhere in the world.


In this course you will be introduced to special diving activities like
Night/darkness and orientation/underwater navigation. With
two additional dives your course will be completed.
This certification allows you to participate in diving activities
which are beyond the Open Water Diver certification range.
Prerequisite is an IDIC Open Water Diver certification or any equivalent international diving certificate, as well as at least 15 logged Dives.
Maximum depth for 15 years of age is 20 meters and 16 years of age 30 meters.

After completion of the 4 dives and a theoretical test you will receive
the certification “Advanced Open Water Diver” *.
For 15 year old participants with the additional text “trained to a maximum of 20 meters”


The snorkel training is the first step to introduce you to the new environment ocean.
Apnoe/free diving skills are introduced with mask, snorkel and fins. Including practical exercises,
choosing equipment and insights into the diving medicine. At the end
of the course you have a practical and theoretical exam.


If you are not sure if diving is the right hobby for you,
try our introductory dive. We use the complete
Diving equipment and give a brief introduction to scuba diving.
Then we have a nice experience introductory dive.


The Youth Diver’s Certificate * “Junior Diver” * was created to
allow young people the contact with scuba diving. In this
Course you learn basic knowledge in theory and practice.

ELEMENTARY DIVER (EN ISO 24801-1:2014-04)

This course already includes essential content about scuba diving
in open water. It is intended for those candidates who only want
dive in the company of an experienced diver like Dive Supervisor or equivalent,
to conduct their diving activities.


In this course you will learn the most important components of a professional diving partner:

  • personal safety
  • accident prevention
  • active & passive safety around diving
  • Make correct decisions and take action in case of accidents
  • psychological support for helpers and casualties

DIVE SUPERVISOR (EN ISO 24801-3:2014-04)

Here you will find essential elements for the safe planning of
Dives and day trips, up to multi-day diving trips.
In particular, the usual areas of a dive center, diving school,
Business and training activities.