International Diving Instructor Corporation

(IDIC) is an international, worldwide operating and certifying
non-profit training organization for diving instructors. IDIC exists
since 2000 and pursues the philosophy to provide the necessary foundation for
professional diving Instructors, dive club and Dive shops.

After decades of experience in recreational diving and specializing in providing
rescue diving services for multiple rescue organizations including the military,
IDIC developed teaching concepts and training standards for a wide range of diving
education levels.
We offer all certification courses like every other current training organization,
but with a significant difference in how we approach and interact with our instructors.
The IDIC has a very close relationship with their Instructors of all levels and always
accepts their needs and finds solutions together to implement them.
This is an essential element for the development of the Association and a guarantee
for a high-quality education, today and in the future.
The Teaching system includes all the necessary skills in
theory, practice and safety.

Guaranteed on the conformity of the IDIC standards (TÜV certifications
about the most important dive standards) and license agreements.
Environmental protection is a mission for the future. IDIC, a strong partner for
Synergies of different organizations.

„The Journey Has Just Begun“

IDIC Headquater:

President: Walter Behmüller
Administration: Susanna Behmüller
Marketing: Stefan Behmüller

Our contributors for quality assurance:

Association Physician: Dr. Hellmut Münch
Association Physician: Dr. Dimitrije Vaseljevic
Legal Issues: Dr. Nicole Fischer
Quality Manager: Mag. (FH) Jürgen Lueger


Südkorea: Kim Junghoon
Philippines: Klemens Gann
Indonesien: Herbert Goller

Honorary Members:

honorary President: Josef Kissler


Certification Authority: TÜV Austria  (EN ISO 9001:2015 ) (EN ISO 140012:2015)

Partnerships: ARGE Diving, aqua med, Sharkproject, DAN